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HinghamLink's COVID-19 Vaccine Program

Beginning Thursday, Feb. 11th, individuals who accompany someone age 75 or older to get a vaccine at a mass vaccination site may also schedule and receive their own vaccination on the same day.

HinghamLink is a trusted volunteer organization which works closely with and supports the Town of Hingham’s Executive Health Officer and Department of Elder Services.

This new option allows a Hingham resident accompanying another Hingham resident (over the age of 75) to book their own vaccination appointment for the same day and location. This option is only available at the state’s mass vaccination sites (Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, Danvers and Springfield). Individuals must attest online or through the state’s new vaccine appointment 2-1-1 hotline that they are “accompanying someone who is age 75+ to their vaccination appointment” and that their appointment is the same day.

Governor Baker recently told reporters that officials had learned that some people in the 75+ age group were “hesitant to go to a mass vaccination site alone or may have difficulty getting to a site.” The intention of the new program, officials said, is to get more people over the age of 75 vaccinated before the state opens up eligibility to the next group in Phase 2 of the rollout.

Officials say individuals should try to schedule two separate appointments at or around the same time. If they can’t, the mass vaccination sites will work to try to take both individuals together. Only one companion is permitted to schedule an appointment with each 75+ resident. A companion may also receive their first dose of a vaccine, even if the 75+ resident is getting their second dose.

HinghamLink requires volunteers who want to assist Hingham senior citizens to provide their contact details, to upload a picture of their driver’s license, and go through the typical CORI process required for volunteers.

After registering with HinghamLink, the volunteer will contact the 75+ Hingham resident, work out a mutually agreeable day & time, and make appointments for both people by calling 2-1-1 or visiting the state web site at (or an alternative site at

Hingham residents over the age of 75 should call HinghamLink’s hotline at (781) 908-0590, or visit

Any Hingham residents who want to assist Hingham senior citizens should register online at

Please be patient with HinghamLink as we work through the issues of starting up this process.

For more details, please see the state’s press release at

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