HinghamLink Trash

Why Is This Important?

A member of the Hingham Congregational Church brought to our attention that there are quite a few elderly members who’re seeking help transporting their household trash to the Transfer Station.

This is such a good idea, we decided to open it up to all of Hingham’s senior citizens.

Who Should Participate?

We’re looking for young people and adults who can help out their community during this uncertain period.

We’re planning a pick-up service similar to the one offered by the Boy Scouts of Troop 1 Hingham for Christmas trees. Troop 1 Scouts, parents and alumni are especially urged to consider helping out.

We’re creating a schedule to take sturdy, bagged, and tied household (non-hazardous) trash to the Hingham Transfer Station.

How Can I Help?

Volunteers who can help, please sign up at https://www.hinghamlink.com/canhelpwithtrash.

Remember, social distancing guidelines prevent two people from riding together unless they’re from the same household. So, this is perfect for an adult and young person from the same family, or for two siblings to do together. We’re especially interested in people with pick-up trucks and/or small trailers.

We will, of course, follow all social distancing protocols and requirements of the Town of Hingham.

How do Hingham seniors sign up?

Interested Hingham seniors should sign up at https://www.hinghamlink.com/needhelpwithtrash, e-mail us at HinghamLink@gmail.com, or call us at (781) 908-0590.

When and Where Is This Happening?

This starts this weekend (Saturday,03/28/2020). At the moment, this is only available to Hingham seniors.

How Can I Help?

Just sign up at the appropriate link above, and our coordinator will be in touch. Thank you!


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Press Mentions

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