Talking to Organizations About HinghamLink

Background on the HinghamLink Group and Website

Recently, several Hingham residents launched the HinghamLink website and Facebook group, connecting members of the community with friendly phone calls and other tangible help during the Coronavirus scare, while keeping the need for social distancing in mind.

This is a volunteer service linking Hingham residents who’d like to make calls with others who would like to receive them while isolated from their usual visitors – and connecting residents who need other types of assistance with those who are happy to offer it.

The service is available to seniors and other Hingham residents, who want to connect with another person when they’re feeling alone, can't get out to pick up groceries, or who aren't sure who to call about a particular issue that's troubling them.

Volunteers wanting to make calls or lend a helping hand, as well as those looking for assistance or an encouraging phone call, can sign up on the HinghamLink website.

All services are free, and more volunteers are welcome. Those requesting a call or services will be matched with a volunteer.

For more information, to sign up as a volunteer, or to receive a phone call or other assistance, visit, or call (781) 908-0590.

For Organizations and Facilities – How You Can Help

Right now, we have more volunteers than people in need of phone calls or other help. So, we need your assistance to reach people!

Please pass this information on to people affiliated with your organization or residing in your facility. There are three ways they can sign up:

(1)  If they’re able to, they can sign up directly on our Receive Calls or Need Help? pages.

(2)  If not, please download our simple spreadsheet here, fill it in and e-mail it back to us at

(3)  For 1-2 people, you can e-mail their information directly to, or call us at (781) 908-0590. Please make sure you include the following:

·     Name

·     E-Mail Address (if available)

·     Best Phone Number

·     What Help Is Needed?

Here's a PDF version of this article, and here's a PDF version of the recent Hingham Anchor article about HinghamLink.       (781) 908-0590