Leaf Raking

HinghamLink’s Leaf Raking Program

HinghamLink is happy to announce a new way to request help or to volunteer to help your neighbors: leaf raking!

Yes, it’s that time of year. Many of our senior citizens, veterans and disabled people need help raking up their leaves and getting their yards ready for winter. This is a great way to reach out if you need a little help, or if you’d like to get outside and do something good for your Hingham neighbors.

To request help with your leaves, please visit https://www.hinghamlink.com/need-help-with-leaves.

If you’d like to volunteer, please visit https://www.hinghamlink.com/can-help-with-leaves.

We're asking people if they are U.S. military veterans because the Hingham High School Veterans Appreciation Club would like to concentrate their volunteering to help veterans. Also, if you’re a high school student who needs community service hours, please indicate that when you sign up to help, so we can make sure you get credit for that time.

Reminder of Our Other Services:

HinghamLink provides services for Hingham people who need help (please feel free to sign up for more than one, if needed):

  1. Request a free mask: https://www.hinghamlink.com/needmasks
  2. Help with groceries: https://www.hinghamlink.com/needhelp
  3. Help with trash: https://www.hinghamlink.com/needhelpwithtrash
  4. Receive phone calls: https://www.hinghamlink.com/receivecalls

We have multiple ways that volunteers can sign up to help their Hingham neighbors:

  1. Make masks: https://www.hinghamlink.com/makemasks
  2. Help with groceries: https://www.hinghamlink.com/wanttohelp
  3. Help with trash: https://www.hinghamlink.com/canhelpwithtrash
  4. Make phone calls: https://www.hinghamlink.com/makecalls

It’s okay to sign up multiple times as a volunteer, depending on what you’d like to do to help.

How to Contact Us:

Web: https://www.hinghamlink.com/contact

E-mail: HinghamLink@gmail.com

Phone: (781) 908-0590